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The Package of Ödön Circus

The Package of Ödön Circus (Cirkusz Ödön küldeménye) is a 40 minute long clown show played by three clowns. A travelling circus family, Emília Circus and Piperke Circus (mother and daughter) wander around the countryside with their show. Alas, the father, Ödön Circus cannot be with them any more as he passed away. So Mama is on her own with daugther, and she needs to teach her the ropes of the circus business. But on this particular day something unexpected happens: a young man from the audience sets eye on Piperke. The naive and enthusiastic youngster, called Ödön gradually becomes part of the show and by the end, part of the family. The show ends with the three of them leaving together for the next village.

Our show is interactive. At a certain moment the audience gets on stage and they become the protagonists of the performance. The story is told by music, lots of acrobatics and circus elements. Fun, fun, fun!

Let’s Go to Alaska!

Let’s Go to Alaska! is a 45 minute clown show for children ages 5-12. The characters are the same as those of our previous show, The Package of Ödön Circus: Mama, alias Emilia Circus; Pipeke, her daughter, and Ödön, Piperke’s boyfriend. The story itself tells the next chapter in the life of the circus trio. The circus is on its way to Alaska, to a super-circus festival when they meet the children in the audience and decide to do the show for them. Ödön secretely confesses to the audience that he will ask Piperke to marry him. Ha has bought the engagement ring, which he has hidden in a red puff that he shows to the children. So the show begins. Alas, the puff with the ring looks exactly like Mama’s puff, which she often powders her face with. So whenever Ödön pulls out the red puff to ask Piperke to marry him something unexpected happens, like Mama taking his puff and putting it into her decolleté, where her own puff usually lands. How will Ödön solve this problem? We tell the story with lots of acrobatics, juggling, dancing and singing, and at the end of course everyone is very happy.

Space Rumpus

Two weird creatures arrive from space, apparently because their spaceship has broken. They come from Hihiranus, where the great king, Hihirex has sent them out from to find a way to refill the energy container of their globe, as it has become completeley depleted. The space creatures, Jampo and Pojka start communicating with the children, first in their own weird space language, then with the help of a translating machine.  The problem is that they have no idea how to refill the Hihimeter, the energy container.  With the help of the audience they try out a number of tricks like begging, crying, arguing with each other, jumping on each other, etc, but nothing seems to work. Finally, they call in Hirobit, the thinking robot who they brought with themselves from Hihiranus. After various further attempts they will discover the solution-of course with the help of the audience.

The show is highly interactive and involves a lot of physical comedy and live beatboxing. It is played by two actors and a beat boxer-actor who plays Hirobit. It is 55 minutes long and is geared to entertain children ages 4-10.