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Clowns on the Horizon is a not-for profit group of Hungarian actors whose mission is to enrich the cultural life of marginalized communities of Hungarian society and to engender solidarity between people which we accomplish through our artistic and cultural activities: clowning-based shows for children, Theatre in Education programs and forum theatre performances for and with youth, various drama programs and community events.  We aim to bring joy to impoverished communities throughout the country and to raise awareness about social issues that affect the life of many but remain mostly unspoken of. Most of our Theatre in Education programs focus on problems deeply influencing the life of underprivileged and endangered youth. It is also our aim to engender understanding and acceptance between communities belonging to widely different social backgrounds by strengthening their self-reflection and independent thinking through our programs.

We often cooperate with local NGOs, schools and cultural institutions, and include volunteers in our work. Among our members there are actors, directors, musicians, a slam poet, film makers and theatre in education specialists. The group was established in 2010 by Yvette Feuer actor/drama teacher/clown and almost  22.000 people have taken part in our 270+ performances

IBAN: HU71-1160-0006-0000-0000-6599-9585