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In the 2015-16 season we have had 79 performances and more than 4000 people in the audience. In our drama, TIE and Forum Theatre projects more than 300 youth participated throughout the country.

Our next show will be:
Witch laundromat
interactive puppet show for ages 4-8
Opening date: October 14, 2016 at the Marczibányi Arts Centre

You can see what we have been doing this past season by clicking on the links below:
To the seventh heaven:
(TIE perfromance for ages 13-14)

A Window:
(An Edward Bond play for ages 15+ about a family that is falling apart, with a workshop discussion to follow)

Our Mother:
(TIE performance about family secrets for ages 15+)

I’ll Stand Up for You:
( A performance for ages 14+ about youth prostitution with a workshop discussion to follow)

Matthias, the Non-King:
(Youth Forum Theatre performance with young players about a young boy who cannot stand up for himself for ages 10+)

Let’s Go to Alaska!
(clowns show for kids ages 5-12)

Space Turmoil:
(children show for ages 4-8)

Other projects:

Youth Forum Theatre in Lak – an EEG Grant supported project that helped us create the performance Matthias, the Non-King
(20 minute film presenting  the project)

Tour of Matthias, the Non-King in spring 2016:

Photos of our TIE, forum theatre and drama workshop series:


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